Store backup on Google drive

WP All Backup plugin helps you to create Backup and also store backup on safe place- Google drive.

Go to WP ALL Backup=>Destinations =>Google drivegoogle-drive-wp-all-backup.png
Configure google account, you need to create Client ID & Client secret from the API section ‘Google API Console‘ also set authorization redirecting url. Find authorization redirecting url WP ALL Backup=>Destinations =>Google drive setting
Enter your Client ID & Client secret details for your offsite backup repository.
Then Click on ‘Allow Access’ button
After click on Allow Access it will redirect to googlegoogle-auth-wp-all-backup
Click on Allow button then it redirect back to your site.

Configuration to Google Drive Access has been done successfullyBy clicking reset, you can reconfigure Google Account For local backup click on Reset Configure

Yogesh bejgamwar

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